Who We Are

Our Church

St. Andrew’s is a vibrant and growing faith community located in Ridgefield, Connecticut. As a congregation, we value connection, service, outreach, and the good news of God’s unconditional love. There are many ways to get involved at St. Andrew’s. We practice our faith through scripture, preaching, hymnody, Sunday school, Confirmation class, and Bible study, and we believe that the Spirit leads us to respond by moving to action.


Taking Action

Our responses to these values look different for each person.  Some respond by deepening their commitment to the inner workings of the church community by serving on a ministry team, helping lead worship, teaching small groups, and being part of the prayer chain.  Others respond by volunteering in town with organizations that feed the hungry or care for the sick and lonely.  Some respond with donations of time, financial resources, or material items that will help someone or community thrive.

Dedicated to Inclusivity

As part of our mission to make all our members and visitors feel at home at St. Andrew’s, we have a team studying and reflecting on how to become a more inclusive church.  With the help and resources from Reconciling Works, we are engaging a process to learn and grow as a team and then as a congregation in our understanding and our commitment to be truly inclusive.  We believe God loves all people.  We believe that we love all people.  We are learning how to actively practice what we believe, which is to love all people, especially those who are regularly left on the margins by society and not shown love or dignity by the majority.


Daily Commitment

We believe we are always a work in progress: God’s work in progress.  While God fully loves us today, we also know that we are not always lovable or loving.  We strive to reflect the enormity of God’s love.  It is a process that we take seriously and commit to each day through intentional time, work, prayer, and love for each other.